Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 17 – Seekretya – Moody Review

1.  Pull out the list of adjectives you wrote down that set the mood for your novel...Read them out loud.
2.  Take out your notes on your speculative element. Read your rules out loud.
3.  Try describing how your speculative element works in your novel. How do you feel when you describe it?
4.  Look at what you decided to name your speculative element. Say the name out loud and decide if you feel the way you want to feel when you read your novel.
5.  Rename and rework your speculative elements and their rules if you need to.

1.  ADJECTIVES: Lush, rich, inviting, homey, difficult, anxious, attainable.  I recently added a few: humble, beautiful, love
glittering, glorious, secret
darkest, most forbidding and foreboding
delightful and magical
unknown and impediments. 
tricky, sneaky and treacherous,

There is absolutely no way this would only take 15 minutes.  I think it would short change the readers of this blog to rehash all of this again.  Rather than going through this again, let me ask you:  what I’ve done so far, does it match the adjectives I’ve listed?  Give me some feedback, please.

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