Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 14 – Seekretya – Education

This will be an easy day.  Education is really not that important in this story.  The different Races and Ethnogroups all school their children differently.  Wizarding is a higher level of education that starts after all other levels of training are done.  

For the humans the Wizards are chosen for their desire and aptitude by the leaders of the community.  A banquet is held in their honor and they leave that night for training in a group.

For the Stoentrols they have a big bonfire and the chosen are taken by Wizards to their surprise, like an OA tapout.

For Dwarfs their choosing and calling out is entirely secret.  One night a person will be there and the next morning they’re gone.

Training for Wizards begins in the end of Summer and takes years.  Wizards are taught in small groups.  As a Wizard learns some things from one instructor he/she is sent on to another.  Wizards tend to stay with one instructor for a year at a time, and travel widely.  Instructors teach 3-4 students, with larger groups formed for large group activity on a bi-monthly basis in general.

There are no universities per se, but there are guild schools.  The social Races all have primary and trade schools.  Magic is not taught at any level other than Wizard training, though there are many groups that have Magic Clubs for amaeturs.

Non-social races all have apprenticeships.  Some have small groups taught in primary school for a few years.  Mentoring is very big for them.

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