Sunday, October 24, 2010

NaNo '10 Poll Results

I did get 5 answers to my last poll, what genre should my NaNoWriMo 2010 novel be? One of those answers was mine, so it didn't count as much, but it was also my daughter's answer so I'm going to count it, sort of.
Children's Fantasy won with 3 votes, and the only other vote getter was Comedy Fantasy. Now, I voted for Children's Fantasy, but Spockgirl and MMC voted for Comedy Fantasy and it really got my creative juices flowing (luckily they didn't flow OUT of my body, but just round and round like they're supposed to, so nyah nyah nyah Cthulhu).

I came up with some really terrific ideas (at least I think so) for Comedy Fantasy, but I have a lot of time invested in creating a Children's Fantasy world.

What I'm going to do is try to finish the 30 Days of Worldbuilding for Seekretya. I may get those juices flowing and be able to roll right into NaNovember. If I don't feel any kind of creative dam breaking though, I'll switch over as quickly as I can and go with the new ideas.

The only other consideration is Guya Principal is a Comedy SciFi, and very nearly Fantasy, so do I do another one and be repetitive, or do I do what I have been successful (at least in NaNo terms, not publishing) with already? We'll see.

These are the notes I made for the Comedy Fantasy (they're all over the map, so be warned):

First Idea
• Inspired by MMC
• Comedy Fantasy
• Magic makes you drunk
o Imps exist and can really hold their magic
o Only recently discovered and they don't really know how to use this new technology/resource
o Mostly used in trinkets, but some Wizards are using it very powerfully mostly in teams doing [drinking] magic games
o Wizards must get certified, but the title Wizard is almost synonymous with drunkard
o Most Wizards are rail thin unless they have a very wealthy patron (and they get a very lofty sounding title, usually not related to any official titling body) and are on retainer or are government wizards (officially titled Magic User and Practitioner Licensed and Authorized by Local Governing Body or MUPLALGB [or something actually funny]). All wizards get the official certification of Wizard though (though in different jurisdictions they have other titles making it very confusing and hopefully funny).
o Objects can NOT be enchanted, only people and some more intelligent animals. Devices can be embodied / infested / encased with imps giving them magical power, but the imps often get unruly and have to be controlled by a licensed Wizard.
o Wizards can cast spells themselves and most often use their canes or staffs to hold themselves upright rather than to enhance the actual magic.
o Most often Wizards use magic to talk to / cajole / or coerce imps. The magic makes them drunk and to the outside world, who can't see or hear the imps because they aren't using magic, they seem to be convulsing / wildly dancing / or trying to scratch an infestation of vermin, perhaps squirrels in their pants or lice.

• 1900ish, country other than the US, but in the real world
o Amateur sports and magic are all the rage
o Pro sports and magic are looked down on
o Think of Houdini, Mesmer and such, except this is real
o Gentlemen wear their hair long and in a ponytail called a whip (never called a ponytail, that's what women wear)
o Imps are usually employed (known as imployment) in commercial uses of magic.

• ??? is this in a "Hollow Earth" or just a strange country???

Second Idea
• Also inspired by MMC
• Same as above, but WWII era in an island nation that is in the middle of it all, but magic keeps it all at bay
• Advantage - Nazis

Third Idea
• Wizards as rockstars
• Kind of like the Intel rockstars - they get all the chicks, are adored by all
• Very different than the idea of Wizards as advisers to kings etc. They don't need patrons because they can make a lot of money themselves
• Not every wizard is trying to make it big, some are in it for the artistry, some just for fun
• The nature of magic may have to be very specific. I don't like the idea of wizards "performing" in front of crowds, or doing "real" stage magic

o Maybe or this may be just some - wizards battle in front of crowds
 Battles could be what decides wars
 Battles could be just like gladiators
 This is more sports star than rock star so it has a slightly different feel and may stray from the intended theme. Rock stars NEVER battle. If you battle then someone has to loose

- Magic is mostly potions or enchanting things and it's sort of like IT (I don't like this one too much)
- Magic is used to rescue people and that's why they're so admired (eg. magically divert a rockslide, magically fix a crumbling dyke, magically predicting a volcano)
- Magic is done like software and not in public at all, but word gets around about the most successful wizards

Forth Idea
• The opposite of the above, Wizards are persecuted
• Wizards have been forced into abbeys
• I think I can go two ways with this

o Modern
 The wizard world is inside the moon (maybe) and it's one of those plausible deniability things like UFOs - but more like the Prez secret book in Nat Treas 2
 There is an under sec of an under sec who controls that - like Indian affairs - middle aged woman like the one that runs Warehouse 13
 May be too much like Warehouse 13

o Older
 Not medieval
 In abbeys, but the protag is traveling across the land

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