Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 9 – Seekretya – Language

This is going to be quite difficult because there are so many races from so many backgrounds, AND I'm not at all happy about my spelling convention and want to change it, but I've already changed it several times.

I think I'm going to change the spelling to whatever I feel like today, whatever looks and sounds right to me. I know that some things have been published already on my blog as other spellings, but I'm just going to have to live with that and codify my spelling in my own notes and stick to that from this day forth. I'm going to have to leave the way you pronounce it to your own preferences.

The exercise as described in 30 Days of World Building says to listen to sounds and then apply those sounds to the language you want to use. Well, there are just too many. What I'll do is think of the character of the races and ethno-groups and then use the English translations I think they would use. Also I'll use words from the places in the real world they're supposed to be from. For instance Trolls from Russia would name things with Russian words.

I did say there would be a common magical language. Based on the exercise I have to figure out exactly what the magic system is before I can do that. I won't know the feel of the magic until I know the system and I won't know the feel of the language until then either. What I do know is that magic is controlled and mostly generated by Dragons, so I think, as a first pass that the language would be lizardy, mysterous and carnivorous. There will be gravelly sounds, like roars too.

Common D, K, DR, KR, S, SM, SH, CH, J, Z, TH, G, KW, KS, F, V and R.

Very few P, T, L, Y, lone M, N, H, W.

Low, short vowels are more common than long high vowels (more O, OU, U, AU, AH; less EE, AE, IE)

Back to that spelling convention. I want to keep some of the rules I started. No C, Y is only a consonant, single vowels are always the short version of themselves. E at the end of words is a schwa, not silent and making the preceding vowel long. In fact there are no silent letters. Consonants will not be doubled unless they should be double pronounced (eg Graettrols should be pronounced like Great Trolls). Any word should be able to be sounded out.

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