Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 3 – Seekretya – Going Back to Mood and Setting

I'm not really sure where or when I abandoned the children's fantasy with the 30 Days of Worldbuilding, but I did and I started only doing this exercise for Heavy Magic. That's nice, but now that my Father is gone I've been telling bedtime stories to my two younger daughters and I want to bring Seekretya back up to where I got with Heavy Magic.
I think I got to Day 4 with both. I want to catch it up with Heavy Magic. First, I'll revisit day 3 because I want to adjust it a bit and crop it down to just the Seekretya part. I don't have any changes to Seekretya from Day 4 so I won't post that again.

Write down four words that fit into that feeling: two adjectives, a verb, and a noun. Now return to the page with your list of climates and emotions. Do any of them match up? If they do, you have your climate. If not, try to find closest-match words.

If you spend 10 solid minutes thinking about this and still can't decide, pick two climates that express moods you like. You can make up your mind later, and you can even build your world with both climates containing equally probable sites for your story.

Children's Fantasy Part of Day 3

1. ADJECTIVES: Cuddly, warm, fuzzy, lush, rich, inviting, homey, difficult, attainable
2. VERB: Teach
3. NOUN: Challenge

The climatic responses are:
• Green valley
• River
• Smokey Mountains
• Temperate forest

Today I'd just make a few minor changes. I'd emphasize Teach NOT preach. I'd add Anxious (not fear, but trepidation and eagerness to continue in spite of the uneasiness they feel (the listeners/readers). I'd combine Green Valley and Smokey Mountains and change them to Alpine (valleys, balds, lakes, peaks, cottages etc.). I'd add Great Lakes and Aspen Forest.

Children's Fantasy Part of NEW

4. ADJECTIVES: Lush, rich, inviting, homey, difficult, anxious, attainable
5. VERB: Teach (NOT preach)
6. NOUN: Challenge

The climatic responses are:
• Alpine
• Aspen Forest
• River
• Temperate forest
• Great Lakes
For inspiration on this story I'm thinking L. Frank Baum's Oz series crossed with C. S. Lewis' Narnia, Princess Bride, Indiana Jones and the Sound of Music. They'll be no talking animals though.

I want Multi-level appeal = Guy/Girl, Adult/Child. I want the kind of romance that boys like and the kind of adventure that girls like, I want the kind of story that a grandpa could read to a sick grandson, or a father to his daughters at bedtime.

Maybe it will have to have bedtime parts and parts that you shouldn't read at bedtime because they'd be too exciting and keep you up. I do want it to give you exciting dreams though. A warning before each cliffhanging chapter might be cool.

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