Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Addition to Day 4 – Seekretya World Building Scars

I know I said I wouldn't revisit Day 4 for Seekretya, but I have a few things I need to talk about.
I've been toying with the name of this land (I have to name the land so I can put a handle on what I'm doing, though naming comes much later in this process). It's all based on the spelling convention I intend to use.

In this book all letters will be very civil and behave properly. Each letter will say its name and say it in only one way. When vowels whisper their names (short vowel sounds) it will stand alone, and when it shouts its name (long vowel sounds) it will be doubled. Y says yeh, not ee. C can't be trusted at all, so the only place you will see it is if it's being accompanied by a letter that can be trusted. For example you may see it with the letter H (ch).

Because of this spelling convention Sekretia would be pronounced, SEE-kreh-t-ih-ah. I have a hard time saying it like this so I'm changing it to Seekretya (SEE-kreh-tyah). It doesn't look as right, but it's much easier to pronounce and it this way and it invokes the feel I want, that this is a secret place.

The other thing is this: most writing guides that talk about magic and fantasy say that you need to create a system of rules for your imagined world and stick to it; but I've found some of the biggest sellers never did this.

J. K. Rowling and L. Frank Baum never let rules and consistency bother them. Heck, Baum swapped East and West on his maps, made the Wizard a good guy, a bad guy and then a good guy without explaining any of it (not in the same book but between books). It didn't seem to make sales suffer. Rowling is renouned for plot holes big enough to fly a Ford Anglia through and obvious enough for a muggle to spot. Doctor Who, Star Wars and Indiana Jones all take such liberties with science that they could be called Fantasy, but still they wouldn't be following their own rules, but instead follow the money and never let little things like consistency and logic get in the way of making the story exciting.

I'm not going to go into pointing out all the inconsistancies and plot holes (there are plenty of websites out there for that). What I want to point out though is that the big blockbusters don't follow that rule, so why should I try so hard?

The most popular music isn't always the best, the most expensive "art" often isn't art. Curse you Henry Ford! If you hadn't pointed out that the most available bucks are to be gotten by good-enough with the masses, and not by excellent with the rich, I wouldn't be suffering this crisis of creativity.

I like order and rules, but I sometimes get caught up in creating the system and not the story.

Anyway, it's Seekretya now, going forward. I'll correct a few things I already did if they are connected with things going forward so that searches will work correctly. This has nothing to do with World Building Scars, but Day 4 is one of the things I'm going to go back and change the spelling on.

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