Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 4.5 – Seekretya - More About Scars

I've been thinking (and I haven't gotten a chance to do the map yet so I'm stalling as well).

As written the magical items, animals and people were all FORCED into Seekretya. I don't like that and it doesn't really match the MOOD. It is somewhat allegorical of "Indian Reservations" and I don't want that feel at all.

A better way to look at the World Scars is that the Ley lines were affected. This affected the usefulness of magical items and changed the power base. True this was caused by humans, but humans did not corral, transport and imprison the magical races. There were no Nazi death trains, slave ships or Trails of Tears. The magical races followed the magic to Seekretya. They are more akin to humans going to the new world to find new wealth and opportunities.

I think the magical animals both followed the Ley lines and were brought by the magical races. The magical artifacts as well, both followed the magic and were brought by the magical races.

Also, there is no Fate and no prophesies.

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