Thursday, May 06, 2010

Day 5 – Seekretya – The Map

FINALLY! I got a chance and an idea on how to do the map.

I had an idea in my head, but I really wasn't able to realize it. I tried several methods, but nothing worked except hand drawing it and that didn't even work well. All I had was a tiny sketch. Finally I pulled out a full size piece of paper and a ruler and drew it.

It's still not good, not at all, but at least you can get an idea of the kind of thing I was thinking about.

I was working from these ideas:

A plateau in north central Montana (southern Alberta) about a mile high and 100 miles in diameter.
  • 7 Valleys
  • 7 Spurs
  • 7 Rivers
  • Valleys are Alpine leading down into Aspin woods, then into Temperate Rainforests and finally down to the 7 Bay Lake
There are 9 Lands
• Two span two valleys (one is The Confederation of Light in the north and the other is The Dark Empire in the south (capitol is Obsideeopolis))
• The Orange Valley and the Yellow Valley are divided in two by the river (the OV borders the CofL on the west and the YV borders the CofL on the east)
• The Green Valley is divided into three by elevation
• The rivers and the center of the lake are generally considered the be Water People "Land"
• The working titles for the single valley lands are Bludland (in the Red Valley on the west side of Seekretya) and Akwaland (in the Bluu Valley surrounded by the Bluu Mountains and the Green Hiits)

Working Titles for Ridges
- Red-clifs
- Oranj-hils
- Yeloo-ridj
- Green-hiits
- Bluu-mountens
- Indigoo-peex
- Violet-buut

7 Colors = Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

General Color rules
Big people (Trols and Megans) use Violet and Indigo
Humans use Green
Little people (Faes and Wees) use Yellow, Orange and Red
- Exception - the water people who are Racially Fae use Blue almost exclusively
- Accents – Silver, Black, White, Brown

Wizards (use colors too)
• 7 Archwizards
• 49 Viswizards
• 363 Common Wizards
• 399 Wizards Total

Total 5/mi2 = 40,000 Total
5% (2,000) Human
10% (4,000) Megans
15% (6,000) Wees
30% (12,000) Trols
40% (16,000) Faes

Humans are in 7 towns
• Heeleeos [I don't really know the names to use, maybe Suntown] – 1,000
• Fegareeos [maybe Moontown] – 500
• Afrodiiteeos [maybe Venustown, or Tuestown] – 100
• Areeos [maybe Arestown or Wenstown] – 100
• Zeusos [maybe Jupitertown or Thurstown] – 50
• Kronos [maybe Saturntown or Friitown] – 50
• Hermeeos [maybe Mercureetown or Saturtown] – 50
• Scattered outside of towns or nomadic - 150

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