Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 6.3 - Seekretya - Da Races - FAE FOLK

Fae, or Faeree Folk are the most numerous and perhaps the most dominant Race, with the possible exception of the Trools. It is difficult to say which Race is the most dominant for several reasons, not the least of which is the Faeree tendancy for inconsistent politics and policies; lack of coherient organization within the Race and shifts in power over time.

The Trools are less numerous, but individually more powerful, more single minded in purpose and more uniform in their desires. Fae are whimsical, but powerful; small but energetic; disparate but numerous. Fae and Trool do not always find themselves at odds with each other but certain Ethnogroups are mortal enemies. For instance, Dwarves and Stoontrools have been at war since the inception of Seekretya.

NOTE: I just realized that I have been spelling the name of the social big Race incorrectly. By my spelling convention that long vowels are designated by doubling the letter, the English word, "troll" should be spelled "trool." I've decided to keep the spelling that way, making the pronounciation of that word more like: trawl (with a short o).

Fae live in villages, cities, and roving bands. Fae live in trees, underground, in forests, and on planes. They pride themselves in diversity and purposely change their habits when they perceive that they have been, "figured out."

They are the oldest Race after the Dragons. They may actually be older than humans.

There are only three consistant things throughout the Fae Race, they are between half and one meter high; they are romantic and they are monogamous. Even Dwarvs, who are considered stoic among Faeree, love to sing and are romantic about their spouses and mining.

-All Fae are contrary, except the Bluufae. These are the water people. They are always in a good mood and willing to help. They love water and build their towns as bridges over rivers. They sail and row everywhere, and love to swim. They are also the ones who fly airships (blimps) and airboats (hot air balloons).

Airships are blimps with 3 to 5 bags fireproof bags of Dragonskin (sloughed from Dragons when molting) and filled with Dragon's Breath (probably Hydrogen). These are wrapped in a sleeve of silk and a wicker gondola in the shape of a sailing ship is hung underneath. The silk sleeves are often in paisleies. Several pedalers power several large propellers and a large silk rudder is in the stern from the keel of the boat to the end the sleeve. These are used predominantly by military as highground for archers and as passenger liners on the civilian side.

Airboats are usually hot air balloons, but they could be Dragon's Breath balloons too. They are usually one bladder, but they can be two. They too have a boat shaped gondola and usually two propellers powered by one pedaler. The usual way of steering is to use the balloon as a sail and the propeller as a kind of keel. The balloon is raised and lowered to get into the right winds. In still air it can be moved forward by the propellers, buit there is usually not enough power in them to counteract any real winds. They carry small, precious cargo or passengers. They can be used by the military as observation platforms.

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