Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 7 – Seekretya – Recent History

The trouble is that the entire history of Seekretya is kind of recent.  It really got going as science and technology became prominent, so the history was pretty much covered under Scars on an earlier day.  I haven't really developed the political history of the interior of Seekretya yet, and I expect to as individual stories develop.  I will come back and record them here as appropriate.

Spend 15 minutes outlining the major historical events of the last 100 years before your novel begins.

1. Who lives where, and what wars and conflicts have they had?

-See the map (below) for who lives where

-The Dark Empire is made of seven small kingdoms, much like the German states before unification. Wars are very frequent and very limited by rules and the interrelationships of the combatants. There are no clear lines of succession; in fact it is encouraged for sons to compete for the father's holdings. Only one can win in the end. When first established each kingdom battled for supremacy (and the levels went from 1-7). These wars for hierarchy were much more bloody than the wars for succession, and eventually it was decided that all kingdoms would be equal under the Dragon Emperor and they asked the Dragons to be nominal head of the Empire. Now, sons who do not win their family's war of succession hire themselves out as mercenaries.

-The Confederation of Liit have vowed to never fight each other, but to band together against any attacks on the entire Confederation.

2. Who keeps the peace?

- Wizard system launched - When the magical Races started arriving in Seekretya there were only the Dragon Wizards and they did not regulate the actions of non-dragons. When the magical doors shut and were locked it became evident that some system had to be put into place. The Dragon Wizards were made Archwizards, and they commissioned Viswizards who in turn certified Common Wizards. All Wizards swear an oath, one of the main parts of which is to foster and facilitate inter-racial harmony.

3. How do borders stay in place?

-At first there were many wars among the social Races, but once the Wizard system was put into place each Race met and grabbed chunks Seekretya. There turned out to be enough to go around because it was only the Races organized enough to send representatives. Now the wars are mostly skirmishes between social Races and solitary Races, border raids between lands, or individual upstarts intent on Seekretya domination.

4. What happens when power shifts?

-The Wizards form a magical army to end any real threats to the balance, otherwise individual wizards work with the Races to keep the peace, making sure no Race tries to dominate after defending.

5. What major resources are considered necessary to staying in power?

-Magic ultimately, but the Graatrols believe that superior technology, weapons, and organization may take all, but they're not ready yet to take control.

6. Dates when power shifted in your civilization(s) (through coup, death of a monarch, revolution, election, etc.)

-I'll have to get back to you with specific dates, I don't think they are really important here and now.

7. Whether the power shift was smooth (as it might be when a monarch dies and their offspring takes their place)

-I've discussed the take over of the Wizards and the granting of Emperor status to the Dragons by the Graatrols of the Dark Empire.

8. Dates when a natural event reduced or increased the amount of natural resources (food, usually, but also water, timber, and other resources)

-The greatest of these was the creation of Seekretya itself, as described earlier.

9. Dates when an unnatural event (such as a magical or technological event) changed the resources as well.

10. At the high-pressure points, write "battle/conflict"

-Individual battles will be developed as the stories develop.

11. Date your novel begins

-This year.

12. Date your character was born

-I have not yet developed characters yet, I have some names, but characters come later in this process, so I'm really not sure why she talks about this here unless you're expected to go back, which I will.

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