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Day 6.2 - Seekretya - Da Races - Dragons, Trols and Wee Folk

Dragons ARE magic. Ley Lines are Dragon Lines. Some Dragons are actually the lines themselves. It was the Dragons who pulled the Ley Lines into Seekretya.

Dragons, in their natural state are very large, dark pterodactyls with longer hind limbs and more manageable heads. They can disguise themselves by transforming into human looking creatures. Dragons are social and solitary. They live in cities and alone in the highest, most inaccessible mountain peaks. Their capital is Obsideeopolis, a glittering crystal city on the edge of the Viioletpeeks, overlooking all of Seekretya. In Obsideeopolis all the Dragons are in human form.

Dragons have their own moral code, virtues and vices, values and drives. They are really very rarely sympathetic toward other races.

Trols are as heavy as Megans, but only average 9' tall, so they are much more bulky. They have shorter legs, but very long arms. Trols can go bald at times. They tend to be darker haired, skin and eyed, but there are some groups that are light.

Trols are never alone, even when they appear to be alone they are within earshot of others and never go anywhere without others knowing where they are and what they are doing. The others that are within earshot all consider themselves to be together.

Because of their size and food requirements, Trols do not form communities larger than villages (there are no Trol cities). Depending on the ethnogroup the villages could be clans, families, communes or what humans would consider normal villages. At a minimum Trols live in three house communities, even if there are only three Trols in the community. This is meant to be defensive and supportive. Trols often wall in their communities, with stone walls, wooden walls, hedges, and cut brush (like kraals). In some cases they will dig moats and in some cases they will dig into mountains. Trol houses are solid and dull. Most Trol ethnogroups pride themselves in clean house with few, well built furniture. They don't adorn their houses.

Trols don't go in for music or dance at all. Their art tends to be sculpture; either mountainous or tiny (Mount Rushmore or figurines). They have jewelry, but it's not for beauty wear. Jewelry is worn for its own beauty and is usually small and tasteful, not gaudy. Evening entertainment is food and story-telling.

Trols are monogamous and pedestrian in their sexual mores. They have a strict code of intergender relationships, courtship and marriage. Trols never divorce, but will remarry quickly when widowed.

Trol ethnogroups are lawful peaceful (gentle giants), lawful violent (militant), or chaotic violent (bandits or mercenaries). Sometimes the differences are in time, not by group.

Are about half as tall at humans to as small as half a meter. They are the solitary little people. They like to perform mischief and enjoy physical humor; they are quick to anger and are easily offended. They focus very highly on magic and are very good at it. They use it more often than any other Race.

They're less solitary than Megans, they get together in small groups often to eat and dance, but they don't trust each other and often with good reason. They are also hoarders, keeping crocks of gold and other stashes. They even try to steal from Dragon's hoards.

Wee never get married. They have romantic trists, but the never last more than a few years. During those years they are mostly apart, but come together for monthly week-long one-night stands. While romantically involved they may pine, write poetry and music. They are very passionate and monogamous during this time.

Eventually one of the parents take the child (or as-often twins) and raise them. It' is more often the mother, but about a quarter of the time it's the father.

FAE FOLK – Next time.

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