Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 6.2.1 More About the Wee

Wee are also known for stealing the babies of other Races, swapping them with their own, leaving their own and making deals for babies (notably first borns).

NOTE: Particularly heinous inter-racial crimes have been greatly curtailed by the system of Viswizards and Common Wizards. Inter-racial cannibalism and baby stealing are two of the chief incidents.

Because of the control of the Wizards the Wee have delightfully expanded their old tradition of confusing contracts. They still try to get away with the old tricks, but unless they are in an actual contract they are breaking the laws and may be punished.

- Brownees are a very particular group of Wee Folk. They have symbiotic relationships with big people. Brownees don't make their own homes or produce food, they live in the homes of others and keep the homes in exchange for a place to live (usually the attic or cellar) and food. They are very small and specialize in disappearing and making themselves invisible. They are also good at finding things and singing ballads and lullabies.

Brownees are attractive little people who keep themselves, their adopted homes and their own little corners very neat and tidy. They can be excellent cooks, but rarely do it because hovering over the stove is so obvious a chore and the don't like to be seen.

Brownees mate once a year, but once they are mated they always return to the same mate. They alternately travel to each others homes. The Brownee who is traveling will do so with explicit permission from the home owner or not at all. The receiving Brownee will prepare either the attic or cellar (whichever they are not occupying) for the visiting Brownee to occupy for the length of the visit.

When they get together they treat it as a courting ritual, but each day it ends in lovemaking, while all night they both clean and keep the house. The double work frees them up for more alone time. When they are not actually lovemaking they live apart. Visits last from the first full moon after mid-summer to the next full moon. Since the Brownees can be invisible they like the moonlight to travel by and don't fear being sighted.

A mated pair of Brownees rarely live in the same village. When the visiting Brownee leaves he or she must bring a present back to their adopted homeowners. This is usually something very small and/or magical that the two Brownees have made during the visit.

The children spend half their formative years with each parent, traveling with them on their annual visits. Since a pair of Brownees will typically only have up to four children and these five years apart on average, there are sill a reasonable number of Brownees visiting. Children that aren't switching, remain in their homes and provide uninterrupted service.

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