Sunday, June 26, 2011

Libertyville Village Band 2011 Concert 1 Review

I played in my first concert witht the Libertyville Village Band last Thursday, 23 Jun 11.

I really wasn't ready and I was hoping for rain.  It rained on and off all day and I really thought it might be called off, but they went on.  They had a bucket full of clothes pins and we pinned our music to our stands.  They told us that if it started raining our first priority was to save the sheet music and then the instruments.

I told someone that I still need training wheels, and it's true.

We played about eight songs starting with the Star Spangled Banner.

About half way through it started raining a light mist, but not enough to make us stop.  All durning the concert the wind blowing against the microphone made a terrifying sound, so eventually they turned them off.

When we got to Motown Revue the director told the audience we were going to play it and it had Heard It Through the Grapevine, My Girl and ABC.

The trouble with that medley is that probably half the band has never heard those songs and the other half plays mostly from memory and not from the sheet music (I'm guilty of this).

When we got to ABC it was so off and disjointed that the director stopped it.  We immediately went to the next tune, A Tribute to Irving Berlin.

When Irving Berlin finished the director turned and told the crowd that we had stopped Motown Review because of weather related issues.

We made it all the way through and now we have one under our belts.

I'll try to get pictures next time, and maybe convince my family to come watch.

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