Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 22 - Weight Loss

I've started Atkins yesterday (6 Jun 11), well, I'm easing into Atkins. I'm still eating oatmeal because I have it and I haven't stocked up on meat at work yet.

I've done, or tried Atkins twice before. The first time I did it and lost weight pretty well, even though I didn't exercise along with it. The second time I tried to exercise with it, but I just couldn't get through the exercises. I think it may have been that I was pushing myself to exceed each previous work out and without the carbs the top end just isn't there. I couldn't get over the hump.

I'm trying it again now and I'm hoping that with the daily riding the pounds will just fall off.

IN  (7 Jun 11)-

Got a late start today because I hadn't put all my gear back on the bike. I always feel like I'm forgetting something and I don't know if I always do or not, but today I forgot my sunglasses. I'm thinking I'm going to dread that.

I also decided not to bring my hat because it's so light these mornings and I got such a late start. It turned out not to be a bad decision since I really didn't need it.

My fingers have been getting numb pretty quickly lately, I think it's mainly because I'm managing my speed so that I really don't have to stop that much. The other problem I first noticed this morning is that I'm starting to sweat so much that I can't turn the gear selector. It was already 80o when I left the house in the morning. Going home is going to be a bear and I'll have to get gloves.

Had a very smooth ride this morning, I'm not sure why, but it felt great.

When I got to work it was like my chest, arms and forehead were a car windshield, covered in bug carcasses. All the heat and rain has really made the bugs come out. I have to make sure to ride with my mouth closed or I will get some unwanted, unchewed calories.


It was about 93o on the way home with a heat index of over 100o. I took it very easy so I wouldn't overheat.

I counted the people I passed today. All but two were headed toward me so it wasn't like I was blazing up the trail or anything.

I passed:
  • 2 joggers
  • 5 casual bike riders (I call them Fun riders)
  • 2 bike commuters
  • 6 walkers (two were sitting)
The other bike commuters were both older Hispanic men. They don't seem to like me much judging by the look on their faces.

I passed a couple of guys working too, one I hesitated and talked to.  He was working with a crew that was tearing up our street.  He said that they are going to resurface it.  That's great because right now it's like riding on the sidewalk.
Lovely streets of Mundelein

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