Friday, June 24, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 29 - Happy Summer Solstice

This report is for Tuesday, 21 June 11, Happy Summer Solstice everyone, I saw the sunrise, though I wasn't at Stonehenge.

IN -

Started late, but all lights were green, including Midlothian. I managed to make it in in 33 minutes. I don't think that's a record, but it is very good.

The weather is pretty consistent now, at least temperature-wise. I don't really have to plan on cold, just rain, which I can never tell and commercial reports are too broad to really help.


Did not pack for rain, but rain it did. Speaking of unpredictable rain.

When I left work it was bright and sunny with only some white clouds. By the time I turned West off St. Mary's I saw a bank of dark storm clouds off in the distance. My first thoughts were that it would rain sooner than predictions and I would probably not be able to take my youngest to the pool this afternoon.

As I headed West, the storm seemed to be heading East. The further I got the more it seemed that I might get rained on before I made it home.

I pedaled faster

Then I remembered, I hadn't packed for rain. Could my computer stay dry in it's sleeve, which itself is inside a canvas briefcase?

Then I also remembered that my phone was in my pocket and I hadn't even put that in a ziplock.

By the time I realized that I was coming off the trail in Mundelein. The rain was immenant. I put it in the top gear and pedaled as hard as I could. I figured I would get to the train overpass and stop to repack into plastic bags.

A huge thunderclap seemed to uncork the skies and the rain came pouring out of the clouds, BEFORE I made it to the overpass.

I juked in under the biggest tree nearby, tucked in close to the trunk where I figured the leaves would provide the best protection.

I whipped out my phone and fumbled with it to get it in the snack bag I had brought for it. The rain was just starting to penetrate the canopy when I pulled out the laptop and shoved that in a bag and zipped it up.

Repacked I moved out from under the tree that was no longer providing any real protection. I pedaled on.

In about two minutes I made the overpass. On the other side the rain started letting up. By the time I got to Santa Maria del Popolo it was down to a steady, light rain.

After waiting a long time to cross Midlothian I made it into my subdivision. The rain was just about a mist.

By the time I pulled up to my garage it had stopped.

If I had not stayed late at work 15 minutes I would have missed the rain altogether. I did manage to get home and the electronics survived.

Eh, rain is starting to get to be old hat, but now I know: ALWAYS pack for rain.

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