Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 31

From 24 Jun 11

IN -

All the lights were red (Midlothian, Butterfield, Milwaukee, and St. Mary) plus there was a train in Mundelein, which didn't stop me much, but it was like another light. I made it in 38min anyway, so that was good.

It was cooler and very misty making it quite comfortable.

There was a pylon in the middle of the road on Atkinson at the railroad. I don't know why it was there because there isn't anything there except a sort of little bump. Maybe they're going to fill in the bump.


FLAT! As I was changing clothes and packing the bike I saw that my front wheel was completely flat. I started thinking of what I could do as I examined the tire for the hole.

I couldn't find any hole so I decided to pump it a bit and listen for the leak. I had no intention of fixing it because I've tried doing that before with other bikes and I can never get the tire back on.

I pumped and it seemed to hold the air. I couldn't hear any leaks. I decided that I would pump it as much as possible and ride it and pump as I went.

My pump is a tiny hand held one, by the way.

I made it out and up the hill over the tollway before I lost too much air and I had to stop to refill.

I guessed that it would take me about 8 stops, one for each mile. I ended up making it with only 7 stops, but as I went it needed refilling quicker and quicker.

I made it home in just over an hour, which is great considering.

I took Lil' Blackie into the shop. They found a staple in the tire and it had been just barely scratching the inner tube.

They fixed it lickity split, but I told them the rear had been very wobbly. They checked it and found two broken spokes.

I told that I regularly carried two full briefcases on the back. They said that and my weight would do it. They said they would have to replace them and tighten them all up.

I told them that my brakes might need o be replaced.

They said that my brakes needed adjustments.

I decided to leave it there. I need those things fixed and I had been planning on waiting until I was a camp to take it in, but I didn't like the idea of riding on broken spokes.

I guess the fates decided that since I have now exceeded last year's number of rides, I can't ride anymore (got news for ya Fates, I'm getting right back onto that horse).

I had been thinking of starting a separate blog specifically for this commuting diary, but I'm not sure and now I'd have to wait until I got the bike back.

Do you think I should start a stand alone bike commuting blog?

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