Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today's Your Birthday!

November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day but someday it will be known worldwide as Inner Prop Day!

It's my birthday (or was before midnight). I'm 41.

My brother has recently added, "The farmer says you're old..." after Happy Birthday. I really feel the farmer (maybe Farmer Ted, shown at left) is right this time.

I feel old. I mean, I don't physically feel old, but up through 40 I could feel like I was still in my "30s" since the decade doesn't end until the 1st year of the next decade. This means that at 40 I could claim to be in my thirties as could someone 31. 31 isn't old by anyone's reconing.

Not so 41.

Well, at least next year I'll have the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.


Mike McCormick said...

Hey dude:

I'm glad your birthday falls on Guy Fawkes Day, which I feel is fairly unknown (other than in V for Vendetta) but more well known than my birthday, which falls upon United Nations Day. I swear, I'm the only person in the US that knows when United Nations Day is! Now you'll know when you look it up...


Inner Prop said...

Ah, now I have a easy way to remember your birthday. Beware!

avatar said...

haha very funny

Anonymous said...

You have a very strange sense of humor.