Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3000 Visit Illini6!

This past week Illini6 received our 3000th visitor! This is terrific. I firmly believe that the more we get visitors the more people will share and the more visitors we will get.

I want everybody everywhere to read Illin6 so I’m glad you came and I hope you brought a friend.

The map is from Sitemeter and it shows just where in the world the last 100 visitors were sitting with their computers when they decided to virtually visit Illini6.

We’ve had visitors from:
All over the US including Alaska, Hawaii and Canada (I know it’s not part of the US, I’m just kidding please don’t be offended)
Korea, Japan and China;
Auckland, New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
Germany, Ireland and England;
Argentina, Chile and Brazil;
And even from Cape Verde in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

If I missed anybody, my apologizes.

So where you from, do you come here often? Before you look around and read lots of stuff, why don’t you leave a quick comment and let us know where you are and why you came.

Thanks everybody!

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