Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to Everybody Everywhere!

We had Thanksgiving here in the Prop estate with my in-laws yesterday.

I had to wait until it happened, but I am happy to report that the folks from the 108th Sustainment Brigade who are deploying to Iraq soon have a pass for the holidays. I think they are home for the most part.

When I was deployed to Afghanistan I was LUCKY enough to get a two week leave at Christmas time. I was in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving and so was Major John.
I got to thinking about all those service members who are not home for the holidays.

Sometimes it can be hard, but if the service members are inside their bases on a holiday it can be quite festive.

This is a photo from last Thanksgiving in Iraq.

There is a tradition in the military that during holidays the higher ranking members serve the common soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

Notice the two star general serving.

And if that isn't a high enough rank try this from Bahgdad in '03:
I was very thankful to be the ranking officer serving my family this year and I am thankful for all those who Serve so that I may serve.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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