Saturday, September 03, 2011

Owasippe 2011 - 100 Years Old

 I find that there are just not enough pictures of Owasippe on the internet, so I wanted to fix that.

Owasippe is the oldest Boy Scout camp in the US.  They celebrated their 100th anniversary this year.

My family has been going there since my Dad started in the 50s.  I believe I've attended about 16 years myself, two of which I worked on camp staff.

Sunset on Lake Michigan
Map of all of historical Owasippe on old tent canvas
The memorial for the centennial, made from old canvas and all of our thumbprints (forming the leaves of the trees)
Carlen's now abandoned waterfront
Our cabin at Reneker, the family camp on Owasippe
I took some photos while I was there this year so here they are:
Our bathroom
The road leading to the sections camps at which my brother Shawn and I worked, Crown and Carlen (respectively)
My idea of the perfect church
Reneker's "Lodge" with pool behind

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