Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 54 - Autumn

From 6 Sep 11

IN -

It is now the unofficial beginning of Autumn (I grew up calling it Fall, but I kind of like Autumn because it seems more specific and unambiguous) and nature seems to have taken it seriously.

My children have been in school for three weeks already (stupid in my opinion because they don't go to school three additional weeks, they just get out three weeks earlier, in early May) so they don't feel that way, but I know that there are other school districts around us that start this week, and I seem to remember that most often I started school the week before Labor Day.

It was in the mid 50s this morning so I wore a long sleeve tee-shirt, a tee-shirt over that and my gloves. I wear a pair of wool gloves to keep my fingers warm and to wipe my nose.

Supposedly there was a 6mph headwind out of the north east, but I didn't really feel it or see it in the trees (and I looked) until I got right in front of my building at work. It may have affected my time even if I didn't feel it because it took me 36 minutes.

I saw another bike rider this morning on St. Mary's Road right before I turned off. He had a big headlight on his bike and a littler one on his head. He had a bunch of other lights on his bike too and I noticed a set of little red lights on his legs. It was difficult to see HIM because of all the lights, but it looked like he was wearing coveralls.

It made me wonder if I should put on more than the 5 lights I have on my bike.


Trailblockers. Twice on the way home today someone was parked in front of the bike trail and blocked the way. The first one was a woman who got out to ask directions from the guy cutting the lawn, the second was a concrete truck with the chute on the back extended over the trail. For that one I got off my bike and walked past, just in case.

There was also a lot of traffic around Carmel High School. I had to stand and wait at each intersection. I wonder if they had a short day or something.

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