Friday, September 02, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Golden Day 44

This day somehow got lost. I mean, it was in Draft in Blogger, but I hadn't published it. I don't know why I hadn't, but when I looked back on my notes I saw that I hadn’t finished writing it.

It's truly ironic because I had started writing about how one day blends into the next and starts to lose its individuality.

Better late than never, here's Day 44:

IN -

It’s my golden day. I mean I’m 44 and this is my 44th day of riding. Woohoo!

No near curb experiences today

I noticed something the last few days, really ever since it stopped being insanely hot. Smells seem particularly strong. I smell wood fires, plants, animals (skunks mostly), flowers, bakeries, the oily greasy smell that I remember but can’t quite place. I smelled my Aunt Terry’s living room today. I often smell truck exhaust that takes me back to my days in the National Guard, learning to drive a stick with a deuce and a half truck, driving to annual training, trying not to get lost.

Lots of memories.


One day blends into the next. Much like the smells taking me back, I get lost in thought fairly easily.

I took a picture of an odd thing. There is a house in my neighborhood, well, in the neighboring neighborhood, that has a back porch on their garage. It's a really nice back porch too, better than my front porch.

But, I lost all my photos when my phone ate my SD card, so you'll just have to wait for me to get that fixed and take another picture.

As long as I remember, and one day doesn't flow into the next.

I found that I had saved that photo I was talking about so here it is:

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