Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 55

From 7 Sep 11

Today I was thinking about why I write down all my trips. Actually I was thinking how nice it will be when I'm done writing down my daily trips.

I started writing because I didn't want to forget what I had seen and done. I also wanted to make myself pay more attention to my travel. You know, "it's not about the destination, it's about the trip."

I piled on the motivation with the fact that there isn't anyone out there blogging their daily bike commute right now. And to put a cherry on it, I'm blogging about the North Shore Bike Path which I'm sure can use good press, I mean, who doesn't.

Well, I will be glad when I've done my 75 days and I don't have to write daily anymore.

By the way, I appropriated this box of tissues so that when I get to where I stash my bike and my nose is dripping down my face I can blow my nose.  I found them in a conference room in a building my division doesn't own.  This division is like, rich.  They even give their people free coffee (we can't get pens or post-its in my division).
Blackie nervously guarding my ill-gotten facial tissues

IN -

My main headlight started to go dim. After all these days I have not come up with a good, reliable way to rotate my batteries. Any ideas out there?

Since I wore my wool gloves yesterday I put them in the wash (to wash off the snots). I could only find one glove. I hate Michael Jackson, but I went with the one glove anyway, a tight red windbreaker and I rode backwards.

No I didn't, I just had the one glove.

My knees have been sore this week. I wonder if I wearing them out. My left hamstring tightened up after my ride today too.

Good golly I'm getting old.


There were tons of dog walkers today. They were all very nice. The dogs were well behaved, but the owners were particularly cautious and most of them stopped and made their dogs sit while I passed. I don't know if they all went to some class or read some book, but I appreciated it. I don't know if they read blogs and I seriously doubt they read this blog, but if you see them, thank them for me.

There was a tailwind today again, except this time, boy did I feel it. Actually I felt how light the headwind I created was and I saw all the trees and grasses bending in the breeze. It was delightful.

I completely forgot my start time. I have absolutely no idea how long it took for me to get home. As I write this I can't remember when I arrived either so I'm completely befuddled by my time today.

I wanted to take a picture of something you can only see on the trail, so I tried to capture just how cool this back deck is.
Deck photo-fail.  Can you even see the deck in this?

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