Friday, September 02, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 51 Where Are You?!

"Lilly darling", "What is a 'ute?"
Where's Day 51? Did I cheat and skip a day? No, I had the notes, much like Day 44, but I hadn't published it.

What I do it write all my bike commuting notes on a MS Word doc and then copy/paste into Blogger. I think this day started on one page and finished on another. Because of this I couldn't see the date and left it out.

Now, here it is, completely written several days ago.

From 30 Aug 11 - IN -

It was dark and cold this morning. By cold I mean about 60oF. There were some clouds out East so I packed my computer for rain, but they never produced.

I smelled a skunk early on, in Mundelein. Then I smelled a wood fire in Libertyville. Then the skunk smell came back.

There's a dead raccoon across from the seminary. I hope they clean that up, it's starting to smell and makes me swerve around into the auto lane to avoid it.

I was really pedaling hard today and at times I was booking it, but I caught too many redlights and I took 35 minutes to get in.

They had the sprinkles going again this morning. You know, I don't think it's really about slowing me down, it's about scaring me. Will I fall? Tune in tomorrow.


I actually passed another rider today. He was pretty far ahead of me and I raced up and passed him. I think he was an adult, but he was on a smaller mountain bike type bike.

I rode as fast as I could and got home in about 45 minutes which is not slow, but not my record.

It was overcast and threatening all afternoon. I packed for rain, but it never did, not until about 18:00.

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