Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 33

IN -

Got started even earlier today so I decided to not skimp on any of the stop signs. Normally in the morning I kind of, sorta, blow through some of the stop signs on the way. There are literally dozens of them so in the morning when there are no cars, not even parked ones I had been cautiously riding through the stop signs.

The reason was twofold (with a very slight "bend," not a full fold, but you know). I was worried that so much use of my brakes would, well, brake them. I was not getting enough stopping power and I feared that stopping so often would wear them down so that when I really needed them I wouldn't have them.

The second full fledged reason is that they seem completely irrelevant at four in the morning. When I get to a stop sign and I hadn't seen any cars for several minutes, either along my street or on the crossing street, it seems like the actual reason there is a stop sign, namely to regulate TRAFFIC, is moot. There is no traffic, so why do you need a stop sign?

The third slight reason, and I really do mean it is slight, I'm not just trying to make light of something that is the real reason. This one is really an after thought and more a benefit than a reason anyway. It's because I can go faster and don't have to work so hard.

Anyway, the reason I was stopping anyway, getting back to my second reason, was because I preach safety, always using lights, always signaling turns, wearing proper clothes etc. I try to be as safe as I can, because it is right, it is safe and because I think that it is far more important to do these things than to wear a helmet. These things are far more important and a helmet, if it does add protection, does not replace these things, it only adds a slight additional level.

So I stopped at all the stop signs today (slow down to the point of losing my balance, I try not to put my foot down if I can help it). There was no need to because there was no danger and no traffic, but I did it because that's the law, and the only way to reinforce the habit.

Hey, I found two more reasons, and they are both stronger than my third anyway.

Oh, the ride, it went fine, a lot slower because of the stop signs, but it was fine. I made it to work early enough that the gate wasn't open yet. The guard was there waiting in his car. I pulled up and jokingly, half to myself, said, "May I please come in?" Right then he got out and started to unlock the gate so I'm not sure if he heard me or not. He asked for my ID, which I happen to wear when I'm riding so I was happy to show him and be on my merry way.


Much hotter today, and there seemed to be a pretty strong Southerly wind, even though the wind turbine was still. That thing is pretty high up and the ground level wind is sometimes different.

It's a lot deeper than it looks
I grabbed some pics of construction that is going on along the trail.

It only took me 8 minutes longer to go home than to get to work, that's what those stop signs do to ya.

Does everyone stop at stop signs?
Come on, do you really?
Do you come to a complete stop or just a rolling stop?

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