Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 32

Back on the dusty trail Monday, finally.

IN -

I actually got out and started at almost 4:00. I made it to work at a good pace and 34 minutes. That's not bad considering I'm over a month out of practice. I did notice that it's dark later now, and was concerned that I didn't see or hear any animals at all until I got just before work and heard some crickets (or frogs, sometimes I can't tell which is which). Where have all the critters gone?


Last Friday/Saturday was the biggest single day rainfall in the history of Chicago weather-keeping (since 1871) so I expected the Des Plaines River Trail to be flooded but I didn't see any sign of that as I passed over the river. There also weren't any puddles or any mud on the trail. I was a bit surprised.

There was a downed tree branch. There is quite a bit of that around since the week before last we had a huge storm that ComEd said caused the 4th biggest blackout they have ever had. That one blew down trees and buildings.

Today it was very pleasant. It wasn't as hot as I had feared (feared 90s and got 80s) and there was a gentle headwind. It wasn't enough to impede progress, but just enough to add a bit of cooling effect to the ride. I actually felt more comfortable going home than coming to work.

It was a pretty quick ride at about 46 minutes.
In other news -

I started working out again. This is in addition to the bike rides. I'm going to mix Body for Life and Power 90 (no not P90X, just plain old P90). I don't expect to do it for 90 days, but I want to get into pretty good shape for Old Boys.

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