Friday, July 15, 2011

Bikesick and Power Loss

Since last I posted a very great deal has occurred.
First, I got a cold first thing Tuesday morning. This was extra bad since Mrs. Prop left to go to Puerto Rico for work. She was gone from Tuesday to Friday. Coincidently, I was sick from Tuesday to Friday.

This was extra bad, or double plus ungood because I didn't get my bike back until Wednesday. It was in the shop for nearly two weeks and when I got it back I was too sick to ride it. I suppose I could have ridden and toughed it out (I know there are some of you saying I should turn in my Prop-card for that) but I also didn't want to have any troubles since I was home alone with the little props.

Mrs. Prop made it back Friday night, but that wasn't really time for celibration for two reasons. Her brother was already in town, and now she has to work this week here in Lake County because the FDA is in town.

The AZ part of the family made their once a year trip back to the home state on Friday.  They were only in town until Monday morning, so we had to make the most of the time we had.

We visited them in Oak Lawn all day Saturday.  It was a great visit.

Then on Sunday it was my in-laws 50th anniversary.  We did a river architechture tour and then dinner in the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hanncock Center.  It felt very much like we were in first class in a Zeppelin crossing the Atlantic.

Monday morning the Arizonians left, Mrs. Prop went to work, a 75 mph storm rolled in and we lost all our power.  We were powerless until very late on Tuesday night (after they told us it would be until Friday when we got it back).  I'm glad I didn't run out to buy a generator.

I spent all day Wednesday and part of Thursday cleaning up from the power loss (laundry, dead stuff in the fridge, etc).  I know it doesn't seem like a long time as I report it now, but at the time with the planning and such, it really messed with my head.

I hope the second week of my vacation is better.

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