Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Philosophy Day 1 (minus yesterday, which doesn’t really count)

Okay so I didn’t do what I said I was going to do. The first day out of the box I didn’t write on the blog. That’s because it was Saturday and I mainly do (shhh, don’t tell anybody) most of my web stuff at work.

I am working with my brother on some Pod movies he wants to do, so he wanted me to write some very short plays. I wrote one about a door-to-door sales man/woman.

I have another play I’m working on that has two superheroes in a Dr.’s office filling out paperwork.

I am also working on a story for a contest on Mirabile Visu. The contest is limited to 750 words. The themes are Transformation and Space with the added challenge of horror.

What is being transformed? A person is too obvious. Should it be society or something similar?

I want to make it Lovecraftian like “Alone” or “Bellwether’s Asteroid.” I was thinking of “what if the creature from Bellwether broke apart and fell to earth as a meteor shower and the pieces each possessed a person?” I think that’s what I’m going to go with.

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oldboy1 said...

Just Curious,
Did you pass the writing/story gene down to any of the girls? If so, they could help you keep up the posting every day.

Front row rules!