Monday, July 24, 2006

Day II - Won't Get Fooled Again

Boy, I really got the itch now. Here's some stuff:

1. Magic system in which all black magic is balanced by white magic (like Ying and Yang). What most people assume is that the black magic is bad and white is good (this isn't necessarily true). The story(ies) is(are) about a Black wizard who is good (as a child his(her) family offered him(her) up to a senior Black wizard to keep his(her) family safe) and uses black magic for good (this of course means that there must be a bad White wizard, but who is (s)he?)

2. Mirable Visu Contest Story Ideas (continued): The Bellwether's asteroid broke chunks of itself off and rained them on Earth so it could body snatch in order to better enjoy the terror of the destruction it'll bring. The chunks absorb the brain/mind of the hitee and assume their identity. It also allows it to understand the limitations of humans (won't get fooled again).

3. Fermi Paradox possible explanation: Life is a curse, an infestation that must be kept isolated (quarantined) on Earth. The true gift is intellect. There is non-life intellect out in the universe and it is trying to keep life on earth. The disembodied intellect may have been life before that transcended life or it may have arisen somehow from non-life.

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