Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day III - I've Got It!

There is a forum on Mirable Visu for people working together to try to get published in Outercast. I signed up for it and the theme is Brave New World (like the book).

My idea is that there is a spabitat (space habitat) in the future where they use genetic engineering to put people into castes. If you have an unregistered child, then that child doesn't get genetically screened or engineered. That child is then an outercast and ineligible for government aid or citizenship. The people are happy and well adjusted because they are all doing jobs that they are adept at.

The purpose of the castes is only to give you an advantage in a certain profession. There are no restrictions on a social level. People live in long houses that have a sort of extended family in them. Everyone in the family could be a different caste.

When you apply to have a child you can choose the caste to which that child will belong (something like having one child who is a jock and one who is a brain...).

The story will be about a peacekeeping force from this world (spabitats are called worlds) is sent to another world based of a request from that world's government. It includes an ambassador and a military contingent. The regimental XO falls in love with a local national from the second world. Because she is an outworlder she is automatically an outercast and unable to have registered children. Therein lies the conflict for the protagonist.

Whatdya think?


Anonymous said...

It's a good start. Can you push the conflict further? Make it more complex? Right now it is fairly vanilla and unexciting.

Inner Prop said...

How about another rebellion, a love affair, attempts to thwart the love affair, a traitor and unintentional murder?

The trouble is, it's supposed to be a short story under 7,000 words.

Thanks for the comment. No, I mean THANK YOU VERRY MUCH! I can't tell you how good it felt to see a comment.

Anonymous said...

I think you can weave any of that stuff in and stay true to your 7000 word count and create a sense of depth for your characters. Make it a part of their existance. A love obsession, fellings of guilty, give your characters a conscious. Make us want to read about them! Personally, I like traitor.