Thursday, October 31, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Prep Halloween Day Part 3

From Monica,
I guess that's what she looks like
when she writes
Again, going off Kaye Dacus' list:

4.      There are several key items in this story
a.       The old telescope.  It turns out that Pattell's old telescope, the one that the evil Astronomy professor used is stored in the Library with the astronomical records.  Both are quite interesting.  The lens of the telescope is apparently etched with an image.  What could it be?
b.      The Relics that the cult possess.  Ethan has something and Lucy has a few things.  What could they be and what power do they contain
c.       There are several books and records in the Library.  Some are complete, some partial.  Some are copies and some are original.  All contain some portion or pieces of arcane knowledge (similar to Lovecraft's Necronomicon).
d.      The Temple of the Lost Gods.  This is apparently a dollhouse sized model of a Greek temple carved of stone and includes carved lettering assumed to be spells.  The stone is not what it seems.  The carvings are not what they seem and the temple as a whole is not what it seems.  The struggle for it is very real.
5.      Dress is normal for most at most times. 
a.       Okay, I'll let you in on something about the cult.  When they perform "spells" they must wear clothing that is knit.  All of their clothing, from top clothes to underclothing and shoes.  They must have received this clothing as a gift.  It had to have been knitted by reciting stanzas from certain books, spells as it were.  The material used will remain a secret until the time when it is most appropriate to reveal in the story.  The nature of the knitting needles as well.
6.      Minor characters include:
a.       I will get back to you on this, I'll probably develop them as I need them
7.      Style?  I got style; including:
a.       Unusual, foreign, archaic, uniquely spelled, and made-up names.
b.      All place names.
c.       Names of restaurants, stores, schools, and other establishments.
d.      Anything that gets a red squiggly line as you type it. Anything that shows up as a spelling error (whether it’s fictional or the computer just doesn’t recognize it)
e.       Foreign, archaic, regional, or made up words and phrases.
f.       I will build this part as I go
8.      Theme is good losing to evil.  I thought I explained that before
9.      This is really the money part of this whole post.  If I can nail this down then I stand the best chance of getting my novel written:

a.       Maybe a should have a whole separate post just for the outline

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