Saturday, October 05, 2013

But Where's the Necronomicon?

I've been looking back on my list of ideas for horror stories, in preparation to write another novel in November.

I have a lot of really great ideas so the first challenge will be to narrow it down.  The second, and much bigger challenge will be to execute the plan.

I went to three bookstores and the regional library today.  I thought that finding Lovecraft in Swahili would be a great boost to my motivation, but alas there was no Lovecraft.  I turned from the L shelves and found this little grouping.

Remember how I was writing about Hemingway, and there he is, very close to Herbert's Dune.  Maybe I need to write about worms (I'll be sure to step without rhythm).

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Anonymous said...

Bill, I love you and love to read everything you write - even your e-mails; you make me smile all the time! From the time you were born, I would babysit you, till now. I enjoy you so very much. Enjoy yourself there as much as you can and come home to us safely. xoxoxox Love, Auntie Char ;-p