Friday, October 04, 2013

Cthulhu hotel

It may not seem to Lovecraftian, but this hotel next door to me is full of stuff like this wall.  I could easily see Hemingway sitting here and writing a novel.  In fact, last night I started the very preliminary work for my next novel.  This one is going to be a horror one.  I'm getting myself ready by reading "At the Mountains of Madness." 

BTW, this mountain is very real.  It is the Uluguru mountains and I walk by them every day.  There are no zebras (at least there aren't any more) there  is actually a soccer pitch where the painting shows zebras.  The horror!


Anonymous said...

No zebras in Africa - that is a horror!! I mean, I know they are there somewhere - but they use to be there; and now they aren't! So sad! I like the idea of you're starting your new novel there (and Hemingway sitting at your elbow, as you do); and the type of novel also sounds great. Can't wait to read it, Dear. Love and miss you greatly. xoxoxoxox Auntie Char. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Ok, when I tried to get into Illini6 from your fear voting/pie e-mail, I couldn't. So I had to comment on this e-mail again. I changed my vote several times; until I realized, even though I am afraid of snakes and would be afraid of inescapable places; my biggest fear would be not being around to care for my cat friends; or my siblings. That is my biggest fear. I don't care if I make a mark on society-I've made my mark with helping my animal friends and siblings. xoxoxoxo A. Char ;-p

Inner Prop said...

There are zebra, just not there.