Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy New Year

Yeah, yeah, I know it's five days late.  I'd like to say I was on a five day bender, but the truth is that I have a lot to put together and I'm just not ready.  I wanted to put together a final review of 2011's Resolutions (a 2011 Resolution Resolution as it were), my 2012 Resolutions (or goals as I think I may look at them), and I wanted to start in on some things (which I have not decided yet).

None of those are ready.  The 2011 Resolution review would be fairly easy, but it leads so strongly into 2012 that I'm hesitant to do it.  I'm reading First Things First by Stephen Covey before I write my 2012 goals and I'm going to be following it for my task management this year.  I had dabbled with Getting Things Done by David Allen, but it just doesn't work for me primarily because it just seems like a rat on a stationary wheel (a lot gets done but I don't feel like I'm going anywhere).

I'm very strongly thinking of a theme for 2012, or a motto (or slogan, not quite sure which).  I'll let you know what I decide on.

I'm thinking I'm going to set some challenges for myself, like post a joke a day for a month (I would write the jokes of course), and/or write a short story a week for the year (with a goal of 50 stories).  I'm definately thinking that I'm going to make a goal of a certain number of novel submssions this year, but I haven't set the bar yet.

Oh yes, that reminds me, I did not meet my own challenge for the end of the year.  I did not complete either Boys of Saint Leonard's nor Eve's Christmas Eve Adventure to get them ready for publication. 

What does it matter, no body is reading this blog anyway.  Certainly no one cares enough about it to comment on it.  So to all you stoppers-by who were looking for something else, Happy New Year.

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