Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Goals One by One - Spiritual (Scouting)

I gave myself the following goals for 2012:

Spiritual (Scouting)
Commissioner's Key

1. Goal
Earn Commissioner's Key by the end of the year

2. Benefit of meeting the goal =
Demonstrate proficiency to those I support, encourage other Commissioners to excel, push myself to perform at the right level to provide the right service to my units, and make myself more comfortable with my role as a Commissioner

3. Reminder of this benefit =
Get the patches and pin them in my hat until I earn them

4. Anti-benefit, the benefit of not accomplishing this goal =
More free time to work on my other goals

5. Alternate means of achieving the anti-benefit =
Better organization. Work better, not harder

6. Task list (or milestones, or intermediate goals) =

Commissioner Key Requirements
I. Training
1. - Done - Complete the three session training program outlined in Commissioner Basic Training Manual
2. Complete personal coaching orientation including the orientation projects.

II. Tenure
1. - Done - Complete 3 years as a registered commissioner within a 5-year period.

III. Performance
1. Earn the Arrowhead Honor Award for your position. Earn Unit Commissioner Arrowhead
a. - Done - Visit each assigned unit eight or more times throughout the year
b. Fill in and follow up on Commissioner Work Sheets or self assessment forms for each assigned unit:
c. Conduct membership and leadership inventories in each assigned unit
d. - Done - Attend six District Commissioner staff meetings and provide the training topic for one meeting
e. - Done - Participate in a charter review meeting that results in on-time unit reregistration
f. Participate in a charter presentation
g. - Done - Attend a council Commissioner conference, and
h. Help a unit resolve a specific problem or improve some aspect of their unit operation.

7. Next Step =
Commissioner worksheets and work with units on problems

8. Who do I have to be to be able to make this goal (or who will I be when I make it) =
Unit Commissioner

9. Accountability =
• I will remind the District Commissioner and my ADC that I'm working on this and intend to complete it.
• I will carry and complete the tracking card
• I will schedule dates in my calendar

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