Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Goals One by One - Social (Family)

I gave myself the following Social goal for 2012:

Quarterly Dates - one substantial date each quarter

This should be easy to state, not so easy to do.

1.  Goal
Quarterly dates, that's going out to dinner and something else, a movie, a show, a game something.  It could be a night/weekend away too.

2.  Benefit of meeting the goal =
Reinforce our marriage bond, and reinforce the need for fun together (especially for Mrs. Prop)

3.  Reminder of this benefit =
I'll have to think about this one.  Probably something reminding me of our wedding placed somewhere I can see it daily.

4.  Anti-benefit, the benefit of not accomplishing this goal =
Save money.  This one will cost us some.  This is also an anti-goal Mrs. Prop will stress and I will have to overcome her.

5.  Alternate means of achieving the anti-benefit =
Cook more dinners at home, less eating out in general.  Make it obvious when we save money that sort of way.
Another way is to find free activities to attend along with dinner.

6.  Task list (or milestones, or intermediate goals) =
  • ·         Sit down and plan with Mrs. Prop
  • ·         Set calendars
  • ·         Send invitations to Mrs. prop
  • ·         Choose sites for events
  • ·         Choose sites for meals
  • ·         Make reservations
  • ·         Perhaps save money
  • ·         Look for coupons

7.  Next Step =
Sit down with Mrs. Prop and set the date and activities for 1Q

8.  Who do I have to be to be able to make this goal (or who will I be when I make it) =
Less selfish husband.

9.  Accountability =
  • ·         I will check in with a friend (please note who and how often).
o   Mrs. Prop is integral to accomplishment of this goal
  • ·         I will create a chart / schedule (please note where & how often you will use it).
o   I should post date nights in the kitchen
  • ·         I will create a reminder on my calendar / PDA / computer.
o   Mine and Mrs. Prop

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