Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Goals One by One - Physical (Health)

I gave myself the following goals for 2012:

Physical (Health and Work)
Honestly I've got to split these out, I can't have one without the other, for so many reasons.
1.  P90X or Insanity
2.  Get a new position

Social (Family)
Quarterly Dates - one substantial date each quarter

Mental (Music and Writing)
Make at least 4 novel submissions this year

Spiritual (Scouting)
Commissioner's Key

The article in LifeHack gives 9 parts to each resolution.  I'm going to do the Health one today.

1.  Goal
Finish P90X or Insanity by 30 June 12.

2.  Benefit of meeting the goal =
Live longer, give myself a chance to do something after retiring and enjoy my grandchildren

3.  Reminder of this benefit =
I think about short life all the time with reminders of my father's cancer, but I think I will also find a symbol of Archaeology to put on one side of each of my computers and a grandchild for the other side.

4.  Anti-benefit, the benefit of not accomplishing this goal =
Get to relax and not exercise.

5.  Alternate means of achieving the anti-benefit =
I'll take September off of exercising.

6.  Task list (or milestones, or intermediate goals) =
  • Get P90X (it's on hold at the library)
  • Alternate is to borrow it from a friend
  • Last alternate is to buy it
  • Exercise in the meantime so I can be ready to do it
  • Get all the equipment I need for it

7.  Next Step =
Find out what the starting requirements are for P90X and Insanity

8.  Who do I have to be to be able to make this goal (or who will I be when I make it) =
Buff stud (just kidding), I have to be thinner and stronger

9.  Accountability =
  • I've posted this here, and I will keep posting here on a weekly basis once I start
  • I will have a spreadsheet to track my progress
  • I will post my before, during and after pictures.

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