Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Goals One by One - Physical (Work)

I've given myself the following goal to support my physical needs for 2012:

Get a new position at work

1. Goal
To avoid a layoff, get a new position, ideally a promotion (over level 14) in a division that is not ADD by the end of the first quarter.

2. Benefit of meeting the goal =
Not get laid off, continue to provide finances for my family, help ease the financial earning need of Mrs. Prop

3. Reminder of this benefit =
I don't think I really need a reminder, the fear is palpable.

4. Anti-benefit, the benefit of not accomplishing this goal =
Don't have to put in the extra effort of writing a resume and a cover letter. Don't have to put myself out and let the status quo

5. Alternate means of achieving the anti-benefit =
I don't know an alternate way of being lazy, or nervous about a new job

6. Task list (or milestones, or intermediate goals) =
Search the job board daily
Complete mentor request
Meet with mentor
Develop growth plan
Write a cover letter that can be used and then used as a basis for the rest of them
Submit applications as often as possible, for anything even close
Create job history file (thingie)

7. Next Step =
Search job board
Complete mentor request

8. Who do I have to be to be able to make this goal (or who will I be when I make it) =
A manager and more confident in the Abbott job search system

9. Accountability =
Set my growth plan
I will create a reminder on my calendar.

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