Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 9 - Language

EDIT: Okay, I mis-read the 30 Days of Worldbuilding exercise for this day. Apparently I was only supposed to come up with the general sound of the language and some syables. Well, you can see the sylables in the words I provided, but I'll give you a bit more of the sound of the language in orange.

The Common language of Wispollil is the language of the Forest People (hereafter called by their name Fidchin). The language is called Slansus (meaning our manner of speech). I actually have much more than this, but this will give a taste.

The map is rather difficult to label so I'll give the list and label it later.

- Sounds like leaves rustling in the breeze or a brook
- Fidchin pronounce vowells as thinner and lighter, Golchin pronounce them as longer and lower (Ne-vah-dah, not Nevada)
- Soft stops common (B, P, D)
- High vowells common (I, E, A)

Word order: Subject - Verb - Object

Descriptors follow the words they are describing (Etas Unis)

All verbs are regular

Many suffixes, no prefixes
Comparative -er
Superlative -est
Plural -eh
Past -ed
Future -il
Male names -ar -an -ak
Female names -iel -et -en
Possessive -el (my dog = dogel)
Without -ozor
Negative -onot

First -elon
Second -iow
Third -id
Fourth -oir
Fifth -efif
Sixth -esix
Seventh -esev
Eighth -etaet
Ninth -enaen
Ten(s) -edek (nineteen = naenedek)
Hundreds -ehek (400 = foirehek, 453 = foirehek fifedek thid)
Thousands -etek
Millions -emek


· Capital of Nokkatlad and Wispollil
o Chinhigbaw
· City in the mountains (Nokkatlad)
o Baelmohbaw
· City on the bay (Nokkatlad)
o Chalbaw
· Eastern river
o Selsumriz
· Forest in the East
o Fidriz
· Forest in the middle
o Jaltianfid
· Forest in the North
o Nolfid
· Great Desert
o Ladduhsur
· Mountains that divide Wispollil
o Jadmihmortak
· Northern Bay
o Ladsaknol
· Northern mountains (hills that hold the glaciers back)
o Mortakshash
· Northern Penninsula (land of the Golchin)
o Nokkatlad
· River with the delta
o Missiap
· Southern Bay
o Ladsaknol
· The kingdom, the land of the story
o Wispolil
· The land, our land, the world (Fidchin land)
o Laddan (LAAD daan)
· Town in the far West (Town Lino the blacksmith is from)
o Lyntohbaw
· Town of Duke Barrett Mrozek
o Munabit
· Western Bay
o Ladsakwhap
· Western River (lit. fresh water (sel) flowing (sum) in the west (wes))
o Selsumwes
· World
o Whol


· Clergy
o Klelryn
· Creator God
o Yworah
· Forest people (fid = forest and chin = people)
o Fidchin (FID chin)
· God(s)
o Eng(s)
· Golden people
o Golchin
· Gray Moon
o Garmon
· Heaven
o Hadnywharo
· Language of the Finchin and Pichchin (Language of Us, or our language)
o Slansus
· Nickname the Fidchin give the Golchin (Golden people)
o Pikchin (PICK chin)
· Sun
o Daxmon
· Universe
o Wholkosmos
· White Moon
o Witmon
· Yellow MoonJilmon

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