Monday, January 04, 2010

Day 6 - Da Races (Addendum)

I was watching some stuff the last couple of days (Conan and Barbarians (on the History Channel) and I came up with a couple more ideas for my Heavy Magic world (working name Elorih).

The people of the orange and yellow lands (Orangeland and Yellowland for working titles) are elf-like, in that they are not quite the same species as the Fjord people, the Forest people, the Southern people and the Golden people. They were about the height of the Forest people, but stouter with thicker, dark, curly hair (actually fur) and more of it all over their bodies. They had dark skin, but not quite as dark as the Southern people. They all belonged to The Great Old Empire (working name).

There are no people on the brown land (originally named Brownland before the mega-volcano erupted), or, almost no people. When the Great Inland Sea (working name) was created by a super volcano the people who had lived there were all killed and their civilization destroyed (it was older than the Great Old Empire). There are three small villages on the entire continent now and they are peopled by a race that was developed by the traders and fisherman who had been blown off course and ended up stranded on that desolate land. The land is open (most trees were destroyed as well), but it is coming back from the disaster and is very beautiful if sparse. The people are physically a combination of all the other races. The land is called the Emptyland now.

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