Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 6 - Da Races (A little bit more and some edits)

I've been thinking about the whole thing a lot and it's kind of like a puzzle where you have to try to see how things fit.

So I made some edits to the Day 4 World Scars stuff (changes are in red and additions are in green).

Additionally, the people of Wispolill and Fjordland are really part of the same overall "race" because they both came from the aliens. All the people of Wispolill are closer related than any is to the people of Fjordland. The people of the Great Old Empire are from a completely different race and are actually developed from a native species, rather than derived from alien stock.

The people of the GOE are actually furry. The men have curly fur and the women's fur is silky and short. If you think of a cross between Neanderthals and wolves for the men and Neanderthals and vixen for the women (they even have six breasts). They are as attractive as any healthy animals when they are youthful and healthy, but of course the other races don't see them as attractive people.

They do have exceptional hearing and smell. Their art reflects this by being musically oriented. They also don't see colors very well so their physical art tends to be more pattern oriented. They have a very tight knit social structure bordering on a hive structure. Think how Japanese people always seem to have conferences before doing something and how they don't hesitate to have group exercise. The people of the GOE are twice as close knit as the Japanese, and just as racially pure. 95% of Japan is Japanese, but 100% of the GOE is GOE. There are some very slight differences between the people of Yellowland (north island) and Orangeland (south island).

The people of the GOE have a kind of group telepathy that they can use for magic, but they have nothing strictly magical like the people of Fjordland and Wispolill.

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