Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 11 - Focus In

30 Days of Worldbuilding says to choose one of the following:

1. "Write a complete timeline for your setting (last 500 years or so should do) and for your protagonist's life up until the novel opens."

2. "Write a 1-paragraph description of each major political body (churches, governments, kingdoms, factions, economic forces, guilds, etc.) and name them
2a. "write one sentence about how 3 of your groups (the 3 most important groups) feel about all the other groups."

3. "Write a short glossary or lexicon for some common or important words (like rock, bird, horse, king, ford, river, stream, mountain, holding, village, magic, outsider, etc.)"
3a. "Write down five place names and five character names"

I've done #1 and #3 except for character names based on the sylabary.

2. In the history I talked about the "political" forces, but I may not have made it clear that the nobility of the Golchin are a major political force and it is subdivided into different factions. Outside the nobility hierarchy are the Fidchin, and the wizards who predominately come from that group. The nobility have tried and continue to try to bring the wizards under their own hierarchy, but the wizards don't really fall that way and are a potent political force with little interest in exercising their power. The Fidchin themselves are a political force, but they had been effectively brought under control several decades ago. The other truly powerful force are the Klelryn Prestesshood. They are divided into Village Priestesses, who have no interest in any more power than to be able to aid and nurture their villages; and the Klelryn Web, or the "nobility" of the Klelryn who fight amongst themselves and with and against the nobility.

3a. The first name I had was
Letzitiel = Violet beauty girl (Let = violet, zit = beauty, -iel a girl suffix)I had Thahn as a character from my earlier stories. By the work I did the other day it his name would now be Thanar, pronounced Thahnahr by Golchin folks. The Priestess Hwah will become Hawahiel.

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