Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 10 - Mood

" Take a deep breath and think "When I read this story, I want to feel....." what?"

"That's your mood. Now think about that emotion and write some concrete words that make you feel that way."

"Settle on the overall mood for your story if you haven't already. Look through your timeline, political groups, and language notes and mark for revision anything that doesn't fit your mood. If you have time, revise those things. Otherwise, leave them for later."

I think I've pretty much done that, but I'll keep looking at the words and modifying them to make sure they sound moody.

I've said before that I want the feeling of Corben and Frazetta; Den and Princess of Mars and Conan. To put the mood in a few "concrete words":

Exhilarated, edgy, slightly aroused, on endorphins, alienated but you can handle it.

If I had to say what the THEME is I'd say alienation, struggle for the oppressed and magic.

Important to the story is not to take cultural norms at face value. Women and sex and heroes and villains.

For instance, the Klelryan priestesses treat sex like a commodity, with value and power. They are able to control their reproduction so they can sell that specifically, or just the pleasure. No one can own them because they aren't allowed to marry, but they are too powerful to be treated like sex objects or owned. Sex is also one of the most powerful enchantments available.

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