Wednesday, October 03, 2012

School Daze

With my oldest "little" Prop off to school in Boston (Boston University) and my much more serious thoughts about getting a Masters in order to further my career, the idea of Miskatonic University is even more prescient.

I've found a web comic about just that very thing.  It is called Miskatonic U an it follows the school career of a very nervous young man and these two adorable abominations.

From the web comic we learn that, "Yithro, a member of the Great Race possessing an observitor species, is mostly eyes, and his 5 tentacles get to be arms, cheeks, an elephantine trunk, whatever! And there are even more options for ... Shog the shoggoth..."

I certainly hope BU is nothing like this, and I'm quite sure there are none of those kinds of things on the Internet, "where" I would be "going" to school.  Of course there are no terrifying, abhorrent, unnameable monsters lurking the Internet, how could there be.  Right?

So anyway, I'll tell you more about my career plans in later posts.  I think I have nailed down a medium range career goal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Bill, not too sure about the cartoon -- but am anxious to read your updates. Love you!! Auntie Char xoxoxoxo ;-p