Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Learning Cthulhu

What did we learn here?

My last poll is over and what did I learn?

The first thing I learned is that almost no body participates in my polls.  I had three votes and one of them was me.  Now I know I send the link to at least dozens of people through facebook, and I email the link to about 6 people.  Also I have two followers.

One vote was that the person had read all of the stories.  That one was mine.  One read some and one read none.

Well, I'm nothing if not persistent.  I'm going to put up another poll despite the low turnout for this one.

I want to put checkboxes under each post so you don't have to comment to participate, but you still can and I hope you do.  I can put several checkboxes and I think 4 would be a good number.  They can say just about any one or two word thing.

I've always hated that facebook only let's you "Like" something and doesn't give you any other options, like "Dislike", "Agree", "Respect", "I agree that is terrible, I don't like it, but I want to show that I am like minded with the original poster," things like that.

I'll put up a pole with as many things as I can think of, and you will be able to choose as many as you want.
I know this is an obelisk and not a pole, but it's the best I could find


LTC John said...

What we have learned is that we should be posting on Miserable Donuts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll do my best; sweetie. Love you, mucho much oh. Auntie Char oxoxoxoxoxoxox ;-p