Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Do It Bro!

I recently got a spam comment on this post.  It was pretty well done so I didn't recognize it as spam until I had clicked on the "Publish Comment" button.  This brought to light two things.

1.  We all do foolish things

2.  I had started talking religion quite a bit here and then I stopped.  There is a good reason I stopped, but I never gave it here.  The reason is because I found a forum where that type of discussion is common and the members have similar views to mine.

Actually their views are not necessarily similar, but their method of discussing their views is similar to my method.  In other words, although we all have different opinions we all speak the same language there.

The site is Positive Deism.  The people there are very nice (that is the positive part, they are positive, friendly, and constructive in their discussions).  The concept is that mostly when you hear people talk about Deism it is in negative.  Deist's don't believe that God reveals himself, they don't believe this they don't believe that.  Also, most Deists are formerly from other churches and became fed up in those churches.  They are angry and sometimes lash out.  That is not the way of Positive Deism.  They may disagree, but they never lash out.

It is worth a look and if you were interested in my posts on that subject you can find that I have expounded on the issues to a great length there.
"You fool, Warren is DEAD!" from "Statement of Randolph Carter" by H.P. Lovecraft


Anonymous said...

Bill, first of all, I can't believe someone would post your blogs as a spam; unless, they didn't understand what it was. Secondly, I am very interested in exploring this blog; as it is the first I've seen of it; but since it is 3:00 a.m, I'm going to save it till a later date when I have more time. It does sound very intersting, though; and I am going to check it out. You will hear from me after I've reviewed it. Love you, and talk to you later, Babe. xoxoxo Auntie Char ;-p

Inner Prop said...

I was spammed. It's an automatic thing and nobody did it specifically to my blog. What was specific was that I had to give it an okay before it actually appeared on my site. I gave it an okay at first because it was pretty well written so that it didn't look like spam.

Luckily I could pull it off even after I had let it go through.
Hope you enjoy Positive Deism.