Sunday, June 24, 2012

Writing Conversation Part 2

To continue Avoidance Avoidance.

I totally agree that “the only way to succeed in the writing business is to write all the time…” I wrote that Avoidance post in part as a catharsis. I often need to “talk” through problems. The act of organizing a problem in my mind so that I can share is usually enough to help me analyze the situation to a solution.

My complaint to myself was that I wasn’t writing. My writing the post itself I broke through that dam.

I must ask that you to keep in mind that I have had some success writing. Not only have I written quite a bit, I have actually won some contests and gotten paid for some stories. I do have a method that has worked, if not as well as I would like. Also, I would like to improve my method. I think I need to kick-start my writing more than revamp entirely.

I like and agree with the idea about outlines. I do write outlines and extensive notes; sometimes too too much. While this is an almost indispensible method for me, it has two extreme dangers. The first is something called, “analysis paralyasis.” It means you spend all your time in research. This could be because of a fear of actually starting, or because you get too caught up in the fun of learning new things.

The second danger is much more insidious, and maybe more individually my own. I often get a drive, desire, itch to write something. It must be satisfied. I often call it my muse. The danger is that I could satisfy the urge simply by writing that outline, or taking those notes.

That’s the real trick, the real problem that must be solved, how to take that natural urge and hold it after the initial satisfaction until I get it completed.

One more post against the absence of writing. “Just keep hammering,” indeed. I’ll be like Nemo and, “just keep swimming.”

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