Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Play Was the Thing

I was in a Greek play this last Thursday.

It wasn't a tragedy, it was supposed to be a comedy.  There were many laughs, mostly intended.  It frustrated me, and I wish there had been a chorus (which there wasn't).

I've been taking Greek classes this year (my second year, after I skipped a year) on Thursday evenings at our Greek Orthodox Church (Ascension of Our Lord, Lincolnshire, IL).  The culmination of the school year was a play.

I had the biggest part and I was certainly was NOT the best student.  We had about 5 adults and 6 or 8 teens in the class and I was the only adult male so I got the part of the family's father.

I'm glad it's over, and I'm glad I did it.  I spent the last month studying the play.  The two days prior to the play I put the recording of the teacher reading the lines on my computer and listened to her all day.  I think I learned some phrases that will serve me well going forward.  On the other hand I didn't really learn the mechanics of Greek any better and I know I'll lose a lot of what I managed to hold temporarily in my poor, slow brain.

Oh well.  I'm going to check with the Rosetta Stone people and see if I can't upgrade my copy of Greek for less than a new copy.  I'll try to keep what I have and build on that.

So, in the final words of the play, καλό καλοκαίρι!


auntie char said...

I hope you don't get 2 comments, oh well. Bill, I wish I could have seen you in the play -- I think that's great!! It must have been so much fun. (Hey, what day did Ferris Bueller take off anyway? Was it ever decided?)

Love you sooooo much. Auntie Char xoxoxoxoxox ;p

Inner Prop said...

I'll take 2 comments, or even more!

The vote was three to 1 for Friday.