Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where WAS Deckard Going?

In the movie, "Blade Runner" there is a scene that always made me wonder.
Deckard is in Sebastian's place and he's hunting Roy, just after he had killed Pris.

Roy punches through the wall and grabs his hand.  He takes the gun away, breaks two fingers (one for each of the Nexus 6 females he has "retired") and puts the gun back into Deckard's hand.

Then for quite a while Deckard seems to be going somewhere.  He's not really hunting Roy after a while because he is clearly afraid of him and he loses the gun.  He climbs up a bookcase, through some rotting ceiling and out on to the roof.  Somehow he is in a bathroom next where he sets his fingers and ties them off.

Roy surprises him by putting his head through the bathroom wall.  Deckard hits him with a pipe and goes out the window.  He tries to climb onto the roof.

Roy leans out the window and finally asks him the question I had been wondering, and the question I ask you.  Roy said, "Where are you going?"

Eventually Roy saves Deckard from falling off the building and tells him about tears in rain, then dies.

I never understood Deckard's thinking at the time.  Was he hunting or running away?  Was he hiding, or trying to confuse?  Was he just out of his mind or did he have a plan that just wasn't working out?  Was he trying to bide his time until he could get to Roy, get away from him, or until Roy died?

What do you think?

I'm not going to put up a poll because I don't think this is a multiple choice question.


A. Char & U. Greg said...

Well, we are going to have to watch it again; even though we've seen it many times, we need to see it again, in order to get into the emotion of the characters at the time. It is the movie we are planning on watching Wed., 6/13 during/after dinner;and then we will be better able to answer your query. Love you, Sweetie.

Inner Prop said...

That would be great. I'm also glad you were able to comment this time. What was different?