Sunday, October 05, 2008

I Owe You One

I missed yesterday so I owed you one. Here are two Cthulhoid images of ladies corrupted by the Great Old One's influence.
The first one is because I was thinking in church today about the Holocaust. I was thinking that the Holocaust should become part of the Jewish tradition and be honored and remembered by holy days and such.
Isn't Chanuka the remembrance of a siege won with the help of God? Wasn't the story of David and Goliath about Israel winning in a war with God's help? I should think that the Holocaust is on a par with any of what Christian's call the Old Testament. I don't know the Talmud (I think that's where you find Chanuka), but I would think it rivals those deliverances there too.
Who decides these things? What would it take to get the Holocaust into the holy books?


BillyD said...

I got news for you - it's already commemorated in Jewish liturgy. Some streams of Judaism commemorate it on a holy day called Yom HaShoa - Holocaust Day, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Some Orthodox do not observe this day, but prefer to commemorate the Holocaust on Tisha B'Av, sort of a catch-all day commemorating various disasters to have befallen the Jewish people.

Inner Prop said...

Cool! That's great to know. I'm glad. As I said, this is exactly the kind of thing that I think should be put into a religous tradition.

Thank you VERY much!